Let's Make Some Fall Plans

Most people enjoy the summer because there are unlimited plans that you can make. You see why it's easy to call up your girls and find something to do for random beach days to amusement park vibes. As the summer slowly ends, you wonder what's there to do on the cooler days ahead. If you're anything like me, this is why you love Fall. It's the best transitional season that often gets overlooked. In the summer, you spend most of your time trying not to get sweat on your outfit. During the fall season, plenty is still to do, and you can wear your plaid favorites. (Another post for another day.) Grab your girls, lovers, and jackets because we have some occasions you must attend this Fall. 

1. Winery

2. Farm festivals

3. Football games

4. Pumpkin patches 

5. Homecoming

6. Food festivals 

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