So.Fvshionable is a next-generation fashion retailer that provides a more efficient way of shopping with occasions. From our beginning in February 2015 as a fashion blog style, our blog featured what and where to wear it. So it’s clear that style and occasions are the foundation of who we are here at So.Fvshionable. We are on a mission to reimagine shopping with occasions by providing customers with a style-curated experience. We created our occasion-based shopping process to help you intentionally shop for every moment of your life. Say goodbye to the traditional shopping method of “tops” and “bottoms” and say hello to a more innovative shopping method through occasions like “work” and “vacation. We understand in today’s world that, people are busier now than ever. We have all countered those “I am running out of time to find something to wear” moments when time is of the essence, and you need to find something that fits your style and where you’re going. So we’ve made it our mission to help you alleviate doubts or second-guessing when you’re in a bind about what to wear. On our platform, we partner with emerging brands to bring a more personalized style experience, so every occasion is hand-picked with items that best represent that moment. We curate occasions based on your likes, trends, and analytics using data-driven insights—every time you shop So.Fvshionable, you will find we have something specially picked for you.


Autumn began So.Fvshionable as a blog in 2015 while still in high school; she used it to express her passion for fashion. While attending Hampton University, Autumn began creating campus-style events, and it became clear to her that So.Fvshionable was meant to become an impactful business. Over the years, Autumn has evolved into the CEO you see today; she is still passionate about connecting the what and where in the fashion industry. Her goal is to make the fashion and retail industry more inclusive through technology, diversity, and occasions.


1. Choose the occasion you are shopping for. 2. Shop the occasions curated selection. 3. Choose styles that fit your style. 4. Add the styles to your cart and checkout.
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