Welcome to our world. Here at So.Fvshionable we have created a place for every woman to be dressed for every occasion created through her own style. Being dressed for the occasion refers to when what you are wearing and the occasion collide. 

Originating as a blog in 2015, our goal through the years has been to provide everyday women with the right style tools they need to conquer the world in style. in 2018 we crossed-over and began our journey as a fashion brand, still holding true to that idea. We believe that you can give looks, be stylish, and express yourself without breaking the bank. We are on a mission to make stylish and fashionable clothes accessible to you no matter your budget. 


Dear Fvshionistas,

I created So.Fvshionable for people like me. The person who dresses for every experience in life. I dress up even to go to the grocery store; that's how our slogan "for every occasion" was born because occasions are experiences, and you deserve options with how you should dress for them. I want to rebrand the way occasionwear is thought of because, honestly, every single thing is an occasion. Going to the mall, brunch, gym, parties, etc those are all occasions. No matter if its small or major, you should always be dressed for the occasion, that why I created So.Fvshionable.




1. Choose the occasion

2. Pick which pieces fits your style best

3. Check out, then wait for arrival

4. Wear to your occasion