Is Personal Style Even A Thing Anymore?

Living in the world ran by  TikTok and Instagram (for now) it is more easier now than ever to get caught up in what's trending. It makes you wonder if people still have their own personal style. 


Don't you remember growing up and styling outfits based on what you had in your closet? You would get dressed by your mood and where you were going. Yes, trends have always been around and celebrities have always influenced people, but for the most part it has always been to an extent. My personal style began with my mother, who always believed that "dressing good makes you feel good" she's the queen of color coordinating and believes wearing accessories completes an outfit. Growing up and seeing how she dressed influenced me and how I expressed myself. Color coordination and hints of accent colors are my favorite. I always 


In today's world, it seems like everyone's personal style is based on an Instagram aesthetic or a TikTok trend, which makes me wonder if the personal style is even a thing anymore. Unique style is how we as individuals can express who we are without saying a word. Every outfit is worth a thousand words. (That's the saying, right?) but seriously, our style is supposed to align with who we are. There's nothing wrong with being influenced by people we look to, but its levels to it. Yes, many of us can say we are influenced by the Rihanna, Kims, and Duas of the world, but it is levels we admire their edginess, ever-changing, and fashionable ways. Being influenced should ignite ideas of how we can implement their stylish practices into our style, not copy-cat them.


If our style is what individualizes us, then why do we only wear clothing that is trending? So many of us stopped wearing our favorite tops and dresses from last year because it is no longer in trend. (me included) I look through my closet and say, "I wore this last year!" Then I start online shopping for new clothing because "I have nothing to wear." It's a cycle that needs to be changed, but the more I see what people are wearing on TikTok, the more I want to wear similar styles. 


So, now I'm left to wonder if we will ever get back to the days when we wore what we wanted instead of trending. 



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