Make A Statement: Trends This Holiday Season

This holiday season, make a statement through what you wear. This is the season when you attend endless parties, are invited to exclusive holiday dinners, and spend every weekend booked with plans. Of course, you have to be dressed for any occasion. Take these holiday trends and mix them with your style for the perfect seasonal looks. 

1. Statement Dresses 

Statement dresses are a go-to this holiday season, especially when wanting to make a scene with what you wear. These dresses are worn on special occasions and are ideal when you want to wear one-of-a-kind pieces.


 2. Cut Outs

Dare to show some skin, cut out are back, and here to stay. Cut-out pieces are perfect for the pee-a-boo effect when dressing, creating the illusion that you're showing more skin than you are. 

3. Texture Pieces

Texture pieces are a fun way to switch up your wardrobe; they act like a built-in accessory. Trending textures of the seasons are chains, leather, and velour. 

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