How To Save Money While You Shop

Since the start of the pandemic, so many people have been struggling when it comes to finances. While online shopping has increased, people’s saving habits have decreased. Here are some tips that can help you shop smarter in this New Year and save some coins too!


#1 Budget Your Spending

Sometimes when it’s something we really want, we tend to just spend more vicariously. However, this is an unhealthy habit that needs to end! When you spend without a set budget, you’re costing yourself more money in the long run and not implementing self-control. Budgeting out your spending for fashion, hair, or even miscellaneous needs will help you to increase your savings and still allow you to get the items you love.


#2 Don’t Buy The First Thing You See

Many of your favorite stores have duplicate and resold items through another retailer. It’s so important to research the items you want because almost always, it’s sold somewhere else for a different price. That different price can be what saves you money! So next time you shop, instead of going to Nordstrom, go to Nordstrom rack.


#3 Catch Sales


Stores have constant sales due to the pandemic, so shop to your advantage! Many of the clothes you love are on sale, get the most out of your money. Check out multiple stores and see what ongoing sales and discounts they have. Remember, the best type of shopping is saving money while shopping.


#4 Shop By Season


Have you ever noticed when shopping on the sale rack, it usually’s items from the previous season? Shopping by season can save you a lot of money, because it’s still the same quality clothing, just out of season. Lucky for you, the season is always bound to come back around, so buy it on sale and save it for the season you want to wear it.


Saving can be challenging, but don’t let it be your downfall this year! The tips above can help you be “So Fvshionable” in this new year more than ever before!!