Whew -- what a year! 2020 has been a lot of things, but being over is probably one of the best lol. I'm sure none of us could have seen the reigns of Covid, riots and racism, and all the twists and turns these past 12 months brought us but the biggest blessing is still being right here.

We made it! You are alive and well. Despite the ups and downs you have your life, your health, your family, some sort of technology to read this post and i'm sure a roof over your head -- God is good ya'll. All the time. Always, in all ways. As we end the year, I just want us to remember grace.

But okay! Even through shut downs and quarantines, So.Fvshionable has still launched and re launched so many dope styles this year, it's only right we do a roundup! So here's my top 10 favorite looks from our Black-owned women-led brand! Cheers to another wonderful, successful year & brand!!

LOOK ONE: Make A Scene

LOOK TWO: Don't Sweat Me

LOOK THREE: Laid Up Set (still can't wait until i get minee!)

LOOK FOUR: Lights Out Dress

LOOK FIVE: Beginning's Sweatpants (can you tell I'm clearly in love with the Cozy collection)

LOOK SIX: Wonderland Jumpsuit

LOOK SEVEN: On the Run Jumpsuit

LOOK EIGHT: Dreams Only T-shirt

LOOK NINE: At Home Set

LOOK 10: All Falls Down

So.Fvshionable is the one-stop shop for every woman! And Major Ki will always be your style guide!

Until next year, Happy 2021!!