Them: Where you going? You look cute!

Me: ...Instagram!

Once upon a time being home was luxury. We used to crave our beds; we'd anticipate being able to just wake up and do nothing on a Sunday afternoon, or just simply have the time to watch a series or 2 on Netflix, that's what it was all about -- until staying home went from option to mandatory! As I end week 9 in quarantine, I have no choice but to adjust to the new normal.

But what does the new normal look like for a full-time style blogger and creative?

It looks like its time to step out the box! Being at home as triggered a lot for the fashion community, influencers, and bloggers - we're all being forced to become extra creative, redecorate our homes for nicer aesthetics, get more adventurous with concepts, or even leave Instagram and get into video and funny compilations on tik tok -- the world is different but it's still going so we have to do the same thing! Now is the time for fashion to be its boldest as we find and establish our value amongst the Covid-19 outbreak.

Influencers are seeing huge hits to income as brands are cutting pay, stopping promotions, and focusing more on protecting company employees and customers than anything else. So it's up to us as a community to sharpen our creativity, pull our risks and tricks out, and more importantly stay consistent! Just because things are changing, doesn't mean the age of fashion, style and creativity is over. It's time to be innovative and think of cool new ways to position and highlight your skills!

So, what's my skill you ask? Turning stay-home into still-cute! Here's a spread of some cute indoor outfits if you work from home, want to be cozy, sporty, or comfy!

Cute and Cozy! Courtesy of @FashionNova, it's getting warmer, so shorts are in! When it comes to any carrying that laptop or making work runs, make sure you've turned to kate spade for your handbag needs!

I'm wearing a Nike Mens Small top and bottom - Anything HE can do, we can do better!

I'm a sucker for a sporty look! I don't know who said beauty is pain, but I'm not with it lol. Personal style is everything and you dictate how you feel and express it with fashion! When it comes to working from home and staying active, I live for the cute and sporty. Olive green satin track suit courtesy of @Zara, Sneakers: Airmax @Nike

Rule of thumb for working from home and living on Zoom - Always look cute from the waist up!

And if you're feeling ballsy, hell why not throw on some thigh highs with it! Shirt & top courtesy of @Zara, Heels: Simmi Shoes

Claim the energy you want! When it comes to setting the tone and the standard, we control it all. Style dictates what you wear, fashion just tells you when to wear it! Be a vibe from the inside out. The Good Vibes shirt & skirt set courtesy of @Fashionnova. Shoes: Balenciaga

Remember to live in color even indoors!

I love layers and being able to mix and match any look! Being home should take the edge off, when it comes to tuning into your style it's less about looks and labels and more about how you can turn what you have into something new! I turned @Zara's ruffled spaghetti strap dress into a 2 piece dress and shirt series. Paired with my Kate Spade New York bucket bag and Chuck Taylors.