The Look

Sometimes changing or upgrading your style can be hard to do on your own, that's why I'm here to help!

Will consist of a sit down meet and greet to discuss overall direction of new looks, tips on how to shop, how to improve your wardrobe/style etc. 


Price: $10/hour 

Need help creating the perfect look for an special occasion? Let me outfits for you, hand picking the perfect look for your occasion.


Price: $15 per look 

I will be giving your closet a fashion makeover that has been long overdue. We will be going out with the old and in with the new. I will organize your closet based on what you have, consult you on things you should get rid of, keep, or buy.

Price: $25/ hour 

(minimum 2 hours) 

Enjoy an one on one experience shopping with me, but if you're too busy I'll shop for you. Not only will I help you shop, but I'll give  you tips on items to buy, things to look for while shopping, pick pieces out for you wear, and how to get more for your money etc.

Price: $35/hour

(minimum 2 hours, not including merchandise)

Styling ranges from $60-100 per hour ( Minimum 3 hours) additional prices many apply.

All services require a 50%  deposit a week prior to schedule date. Second portion will be due upon scheduled meeting date.

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