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Dear Fvshionistas,  

So much has changed since the beginning of So.Fvshionable.  When I first started all I had were ideas of what I wanted to create including content and clothing.  I was too afraid to start creating clothing, because I didn’t want to dream too big. I was dreaming so small-minded due to my fears and insecurities. Once I began believing in myself and my company I realized there was no such thing as limitations. The only limitations I had were the ones I created myself. So.Fvshionable is for the dreamer in all of us, the dreamer who wants to live out their wildest dreams and willing to put the work to follow through with it. The dreamer who may not know where to start, but knows that today the last day of continuing to dream and starts to make it an reality.

I am living out a dream I thought once upon a time was impossible. Now it’s your turn.

Keep Dream Chasing,