Growing up I always hoped that one day I would be a part of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. I finally received a chance to cross over into AKAland and my life has been changed ever since. Becoming an AKA has taught me many valuable life lessons. The first lesson being every dream matters, there is no such thing as dreaming too big or too small. Becoming an AKA was a big dream of mine, there were even moments that I thought it was unattainable. I had a dream and believed that it could happen for me even if others did not see it. By the grace of God I was able to make my dreams come true.

Second lesson I learned was being consistent will get you far in life. If you are consistent with any dream you have, and willing to put forth the work, you will always get the outcomes you want. Over the years, I have watched my blog's audience continuously grow, because I have been consistent with the content I produce. For example if the job of your dreams as a position opening and you apply for it; If you get a "no" the first time, are you going to quit? Heck no, you will continue to apply and prove to that employer why you are the best candidate for the job. You will always win in the end if you are consistent. The third lesson is be kind to everyone you cross paths with, burning bridges are unnecessary. Being a part of AKA, I've met so many people who are willing to invest in my future, based off of the encounters they have had with me. These experiences have taught me, you never know when you may need someone. In regards, to life after college, when you need a job or a recommendation into college, people are only willing to help you if you have showed them kindness, or a great impression. Even friendships that have gone sour, don't leave those relationships on a bad note, end on good terms. One day, you may need to reach out to them for a favor even if the friendship is over and that person may be still willing to help because that bridge wasn't burned.

After crossing into this illustrious sisterhood, I realized that their was endless ways to style paraphernalia. Some people may say it's limited ways to wear paraphernalia because many people wear just t-shirts or sweatshirts. Sometimes the best things in life are the simplest. Creating simple outfits can speak louder than anything else you have ever worn. Summer has finally arrived so I packed up all my sweaters and pulled out my tanks, shorts and even basketball jerseys. When trying to expand your wardrobe with different pieces of paraphernalia consider jerseys. It's sleeveless perfect for the hot weather and convenient because it can be worn at a picnic or a social event.

This custom made jersey is from Klassik Greekwear who's slogan is "your letters, your colors, your way." Their specialties are chapter tees and crossing jerseys (also referred to as line shirts). They are committed to using only high quality fabrics. They personalize our items using tackle twilled (appliqued) letters and numbers. This means they sew each character on individually to ensure durability and authenticity. I am known for wearing block heels, so it was only right to get a pink glitter pair. ( They were on sale at Macy's for 23 dollars, that is a great deal.) I am trying to learn how to ball on a budget, literally so my shorts are thrifted. The great thing about having style is there are many ways to cut cost, but still look like a million dollars. So if you are ever looking for a way different clothing p3ieces, start by wearing other items excluding t-shirts or hoodies. Switch it up by wearing a dress, or sweatpants that say AKA.

Shop this look:

Basketball Jersey: SeKlassik Greekwear

Denim Shorts: Levi Thrifted from Goodwill ( Similar shorts can be found at PacSun )

Pink Glitter Heels: Macy's