They say we outside, send the addy we gon' slide!

Even in death, Pop Smoke still has our quarantine summer on tilt. From the rapper's sultry voice to his ever so catchy lyrics and anthems, I don't think a single person from NYC will ever say "we outside" ever the same again! That's that Brooklyn energy coming in strong.

Speaking of strong energy, maybe it's the Leo rising in me kicking in but I am so ready for more summer and more color! My birthday is just 2 weeks away and all I can think about is of course how i'm going to celebrate, but most importantly what am I going to celebrate in!?! With just a few places to go, I figured I'd need something light, but cute (summer babies you know the struggle), a dress but nothing too extravagant, a pop of color, sexy enough to stunt but comfortable enough to move in...

So many things to consider! But SoFvshionable really is the one stop shop! Black owned and catering to the curvaceous Black woman, I recently purchased the Make a Scene dress, (size small) and it it fits like a glove! I can roll the dress down to my ankles or keep it flexible to my knees. It's a vibe for a sure and scene on the streets! Check out my style guide below:

LIMEIN' - SoFvshionable's Make a Scene dress in small

Paired with Perplex heels from Public Desire

Dress rolled down to mid calf for flexibility