Winter has made a grand entrance on the East coast, because it is freezing outside. A question that I often am asked is “how can I continue to be stylish even through the winter?” I often respond respond couraging the person to invest in stylish jackets and sweaters. Yes, you read that correctly sweaters are a must-have in your closet every winter. This is the perfect item to have because of its versatility; when shopping for clothing always ask yourself “how much wear will I be able to get out of this item.”

There are so many ways sweaters can be worn, that you don’t have to limit yourself to only wearing it one way. You can wear sweaters with jeans, as a dress, and even with a skirt. There are so many types of sweaters to choose from and the quality of sweaters depend on your price range. My favorite type of sweater is the boyfriend/oversized fit. It’s easier to create and get the use out of the outfit. It’s important to always have the basic color sweaters in your closet because you’ll be able to mix and match them. It’s also important to have colored sweaters such has reds, pinks, and even blues, you don’t want to always rock the same colored looks.

Don’t let the cold weather trick you into thinking that you can not be stylish because it’s cold. You can wear a sweater and layer it with a jacket to keep you cute, but warm. Don’t be afraid to add accessories to your sweaters too, such as wearing belts, and adding a bag to make your outfit look complete. We are staying warm this winter and slaying at the same time!

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Sweater Dress: Missguided

Shoes: Ego