It's officially summer time in NYC! And as most try to ease their way out of quarantine, the need for new fits, fashion, inspo and looks are a must. To get your outfit inspirations going, here's a denim on denim tribute.

You'd think this was a two-piece set but not quite! I've got a think for turning old things new, this co-ord is a mix of a denim bandeau paired with a long denim wash skirt. Courtesy of Zara!

When it comes to accessories, sometimes less is more. This summer, find and put together looks that speak for themself! Paired with this look is a pair of Kate Spade earrings, bangles and leather coach bracelet. Surprisingly though, my Aldo mules were my favorite part of the fit.

A look at those earrings, just in case you missed! It's all about color, shape and style when it comes to your looks!

A splash of color never hurt nobody! Along with my Coach leather bracelet and Kate Spade bangles, I brought an old thing back with my vintage Prada carry on. Perfect piece of color to my denim diaries! Whatever you do, stay true to yourself this summer and live in style!