When someone tells you "be the change you want to see," what does that mean to you? Instead of complaining about your circumstances, have you ever thought "I don't want to be in this position I'm at, what do I need to change?" Sometimes becoming a game changer is all about your mindset and outlook on situations. It's about seeing the positive in a negative situation, because once you begin to change your mindset, things around you will begin to change. No, I'm promising the circumstances you are currently in will change overnight, but they will in due time.

I know you may be questioning yourself "well, how can I be the game changer?" It starts from within and works its way out. A new school start has began, which means a new year for new goals. Also, a season is approaching, set goals for yourself for the new season. For me this school year, which is my senior year (yes, you read that correctly!) is all about being a game changer. Being consistent in different aspects my life, succeeding in all my classes, and finding a healthy balance overall. Now, being a game changer is no easy path to take, it requires a lot of discipline and self love. It requires discipline because you are going to let go of old habits and create better ones. If you want to be game changer in your market, you will have to be disciplined to outwork those in that field. Or say to want to be a game changer and leaving that toxic relationship, it will require a lot of disciplined not to answer those texts or calls.

Self love is extremely important when you are in the works of changing the game. Not everyone around you will be accepting of the changes you make. For example, you want to change the game by the outfits you wear so you decide to wear something totally opposite from your normal. You post a picture on Instagram and someone comment's "this is a mess, go back to what you usually wear." Now if you don't have any self love you will begin questioning and convincing yourself that maybe you should go back to what you normally wear. Take that same comment and put it in a situation when you have self love while trying to change the game and you wouldn't even think to respond to that comment, because you stand firm in yourself.

There will be many people in your corner, that will attempt to tell you not be a game changer without directly saying it. Don't listen them, the difference between you and them is you have the heart and the faith to step out and change the game. No one has ever said being a game changer would be easy, but in the end it will always be worth it.

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