Everyone always posts and talks about their wins, but what about their losses? Everyone always say they want to be become their own boss, or become CEO. If you knew that the risk to getting to that position included multiple losses, would you still do it? Knowing the at some point you would lose whether it was financially, mentally or even physically. You have to be willing to risk it all to get to the top, no matter the price. Their is a beauty in failure, they become lessons.

Everyone has a love/hate relationship with failure. Some understand that when they fail, it’s apart of their journey, while others believe their life is completely over. Which person are you? If everyone quit when they failed, there would be none of these big companies you see today. They all have encountered failure at some point on their journey of getting to the top. I have encountered failure as well. When I believed my brand was ready to stand on its own and it wasn’t, I failed. However, in the failure I learned the importance of persevering. Persevering through that failure, reminding myself that it really is just a moment in time that will pass by.

The good thing about failure is it teaches you things that your wins would never be able too. Failure allows you to begin to appreciate things you have way more after you've lost them. If you have ever failed at something in life, look at it as more of a teaching lesson rather than a lost. I have failed many times, and it has always encouraged me to get up and strive for higher. The purpose of failure is to see if you’ll get up or if you'll become defeated. Which will you do?

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